Monday, 10 March 2014

Puber arrested

We recently reported about Puber a well-known graffiti artist. (You can find the post here)
He was „famous“ for spraying his name everywhere possible.
Now he was arrested. On the website of „Vice“ magazine is now an interview with his flat mates. It was possible to read from it what kind of man he was.
His roomies told them that there wasn’t a deeper meaning when he was writing his name everywhere. He just wanted to be known. When he was in the news he reveled, didn’t matter if it was bad or good news. He referred to himself as “public enemy number one”. Furthermore they claimed that he has a “God complex”, which he demonstrated by putting a diaper on his head, on which was written: “I am God, you fagots”.
So as you can see, Puber was either mentally handicapped or just a genial idiot.

Sources (Vice magazine):

The interview
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