Monday, 28 October 2013

Vienna´s cemeteries in autumn

Autumn feeling            
(Adele Kellner, 2013) When the sky is clear, the crows croak like they would be glad that it’s finally autumn,
it is as if they express exactly what you think. It’s warm and you smell the aroma of the dewy leaves which slide down from the tree. You close your eyes, the wind roughs up your hair and you have the feeling like you have no worries anymore, you are free and your mind is clear. It is a feeling for a few seconds, but you will always remember.
It is autumn and we were thinking about things to write, so we went out to take pictures of the nature and the most beautiful cemeteries of Vienna. 

This reminds me of a poem I read ages ago of about autumn being nature´s great painter. The warm colours nicely frame the cold blue of the city.

This view over the citie´s vineyards is simply fascinating!:

Autumn in Vienna- The fashion, Sturm and Maroni!

Today we want to show you some things which are typical for the viennese autumn!

In autumn the Viennese take to the hills (where the wine grows) to taste the freshly fermented grape juice called Sturm “storm” - we know it as Burčák. And the effects are quite stormy – it gives you wind on top of a killer headache the next day.
"Sturm white+ red have arrived!"

Another phenomenon you will see very often are the Maroni.- As soon as the ice cream parlors close and their owners go back to Italy, the Maroni booths appear!
The Maroni stands are on the sidewalks, where not only Maroni (eatable chestnuts) are sold, but also roast potatoes and wedges. The “Maronis” are very tasty and almost everybody likes, eats and buys them.

We also went out to the streets of Vienna to find out what the city wears this year. 
I think it looks quite simple and not overdone...
Scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, hats, tights, gloves, and boots – the fall fashion is so colourful! 

Monday, 14 October 2013

Mission Kofola

Kofola for dummies

Coca cola and Pepsi are well known throughout the world. We drink them with our French fries at McDonalds, at the cinema while eating popcorn, at our way to school in the morning when we are in need of some energy or just for the taste. And I’m not even mentioning the rivalry between team Pepsi and team Coca Cola. But what about team Kofola?
Kofola looks and tastes a lot like Coca Cola and Pepsi, so, what’s so special about it?
I would describe the taste as a bit more sweet and honey-like, maybe even spicy and less sparkling. Surprisingly – at least for me – it contains less sugar and a little more caffeine than coca cola. I personally see it (please don’t kill me for saying this) as a cheaper version of the other two and I don’t think it’s as refreshing as they are. On the other hand there are lots of serious Kofola addicts as you will later see in the post.   

Monday, 7 October 2013

Words from the young

I did an interview with two diverse people. The first one was a girl, who was born here and can vote and the second one was a boy, who is from Slovakia but lives in Vienna for 2 years. Both of them have their own political opinion, which is, surprisingly, very similar.

Both of the interviewed are unambiguously for "die Grünen" (the green party), who are for equal opportunities for women, more nature in the cities and for human rights. Interestingly both are unequivocally against the FPÖ (Freedom party). The FPÖ is a party, which (in a nutshell) prefers Austrians; it means this party wants to get rid of all foreigners, especially people, who are not from EU member states.

Post Election Introspection

Recently we had elections in Austria, weeks before the elections, every party tried to convince as many people as possible of their political ideas. As a result there where many billboards, posters and the followers which had to hand out advertising lighters, condoms, magazines, pens, USB-sticks and much more.
So we are once again supplied and just hope that they will be so generous again next year.
However, there are four main parties, the candidates were Eva Glawischnig, who’s my favorite, she belongs to “The green party”, then there is Mr. H.C Strach who’s really the disputed one, he is a rightist, it’s like either you “love” him or you “hate” him. I´d rather not say what’s my opinion to that politician, I don’t really like him. I just don’t understand why the FPÖ- voters just adore him as much as they do, they wear sweatshirts with his name on it… is that normal? Do people in your country do that too?

“Foringers take away our education
               Thaths suckle “

More of that you can find on:

Why young people didn’t vote/ Why they are not interested in politics

Mostly young people don’t care about politics. They don’t care about elections or which political party is in charge. Why is it like that?
I also fit into this group, young and not interested. I think it is because while we grow up, we can’t vote, so we aren’t interested in it. It doesn’t affect our life, or not in a way we realize, so why should we be interested?
When we grow older, when we can vote, we have no idea what is going on in politics, and we are probably too lazy to study it. Mostly we are still studying in school or we find a workplace where the boss pays enough for us, but we don’t use the money for saving or so. We usually don’t own a house, we are not married and we don’t have kids, so it still doesn’t affect our lives. Our lives are forming; we have ourselves to deal with. We have to focus on our own lives and understand ourselves. It is too much for us to also think about politics. I think the interest in politics comes with age: the older we are, the more we care.

Elections in Austria:
People who can vote: 6,384.331
People who voted: 4,782.563                                   Percentage: 74,9%
People who didn’t vote: 1,601.768                Percentage: 25,1% 

Pass Egal Wahl

The ‘‘Pass Egal Wahl“ is an opportunity to elect for people living in Austria without a citizenship.
·         Organized by the NGO SOS-Mitmensch
·         Over 600 voters participated
·         In front of the 
Department of the Interior
·         64 % for “die Grünen” (Green Party)
0% for the party „FPÖ“ (Freedom Party)