Monday, 16 December 2013

Street art in Vienna – Part II.

Second part of our little urban adventure.
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“Puber came into the city „

Who is Puber? No one knows! What Vienna knows is, that he wrote his name everywhere within two weeks, and that he has made many enemies. He not only wrote his name on empty walls, but also on the wall of a Kindergarten where kids had made a mural (this caused a little war between him and Thomas Blimlinger, see here) and on a beautiful piece of street artist ROA. His aim is, and now I’m quoting him, to ‘see mine name everywhere’.  (He gave an interview to a Swiss magazine, which you can read here)
He could be compared to Taki 182 or Darryl McCray aka Cornbread – both were known for spraying their nicknames all around the streets and were mimicked by hundreds. Though nobody is really impressed by Puber’s work and we’re all happy, that he left the city.

Monday, 9 December 2013

Street art in Vienna – Part I.

Vienna is believed to be a very ‘classy’ city. Vienna means Mozart, Haydn and Beethoven, the Opera ball, Wiener Symphonikern, Klimt’s ‘ The Kiss’ and Princess Sissi. But the city also has a ‘wild side’. 
This week we decided to find out more about the Viennese street art.

First, we went out to the streets and looked for some famous works and took pictures, which you can find below, and then researched about them a bit more. Though I’m a laic and I don’t know a lot about this kind of art, I find it interesting – and hope that so will you.

The BLK river festival

The BLK river festival is in a different place every year. 2011/12 it took place in Vienna. The BLK festival invites artists from all continents and then the artists make different street art and projects.
They create street art across the city on the highest international level. The result: beautiful art, such as in Vienna.
You can still see some of the pieces for instance

Blogging workshop

We had a visit from students from a bilingual secondary school that maybe will attend our school next year as freshmen. We decided to tell them about our blog and explain how we work. Then they had to write a short (4 sentences) blog article to experience blogging.
The topic was 'Czech and Slovak TV series we miss (or don't miss) in Austria'. "Particka" (meaning team), a talkshow similar to the American "Whose Line Is It Anyway"?, seems to have the biggest fanbase and is followed by "Panelak", another funny Slovak show. Few of our visitors also decided to write about some foreing shows they watched back in SK/CZ.


‘When I’m in the Czech Republic I only watch Particka, because the others are all boring or the same as in Austria. I like Particka, because it’s funny and not as boring as the other shows.  I only watch it when I’m in Czech Republic. I don’t know how you can watch it; Probably via Satellite.’

‘When I lived in Slovakia, I usually only watched Particka because all the other TV shows were boring for me. It was actually one of my most favourite shows. I like it because it´s funny, and quite interesting. You can probably watch it over the internet website or via satellite.’ '

‘I've been living in Austria for less than four months and I need to say that I really miss this TV show. It is based on the improvisation of four actors. It´s so much fun to watch it! They got to act like some film star and others guess his name or they just play a scene, for example interviewing some biologist while one of them shows everything for the deaf-mute people in sign language.’