Monday, 10 March 2014

Homeless in Austria - Part I.

Today we’d like to introduce you our new project:  homeless foreigners in Vienna.
In Vienna there are 5000 homeless people – and those are just the registered ones. Recently, they moved 25 homeless people from Stadtpark. There is a problem with an emergency shelter for homeless people from other EU countries because there is place only for 40 people, and there are around 46 people. A recent survey of homeless people in Hamburg shows that the proportion of foreigners has risen since 2002 from 17 to 27 (of Vienna there are no exact figures).

We made a little interview with a guy named Maglen. Maglen came here all the way from Norway just to find disappointment here. Now he’s looking for a way back home.

Maglen , 25, from Norway

How long have you been on the street?
Just a couple of days.
Could you tell us, what happened?
It´s a long story.
Could you tell us?
I really want to keep it myself, just one thing: I trusted the wrong people.


  1. When I read this czechaut - blog entry I was shocked. I would never guess that there are so many homeless people in Austria. I mean yeah, you see a lot of people sitting on the edge of the street but 5000 registered street people?
    Your example is this one guy from Norway who wants to go home. He is one of these people who try a fresh restart in another country, but don’t manage this and in the majority of cases lose all their money so he don’t get home. It’s like in the song „Fürstenfeld“ by the famous Austrian band STS who explain how hard it is to change our living environment and that the best is to stay home… I don’t think that people should not travel and try, but it’s better to give up your dream than become homeless and endanger your psychic or physical health.