Monday, 28 October 2013

Vienna´s cemeteries in autumn

Autumn feeling            
(Adele Kellner, 2013) When the sky is clear, the crows croak like they would be glad that it’s finally autumn,
it is as if they express exactly what you think. It’s warm and you smell the aroma of the dewy leaves which slide down from the tree. You close your eyes, the wind roughs up your hair and you have the feeling like you have no worries anymore, you are free and your mind is clear. It is a feeling for a few seconds, but you will always remember.
It is autumn and we were thinking about things to write, so we went out to take pictures of the nature and the most beautiful cemeteries of Vienna. 

This reminds me of a poem I read ages ago of about autumn being nature´s great painter. The warm colours nicely frame the cold blue of the city.

This view over the citie´s vineyards is simply fascinating!:

This picture shows a view of an entrance to an old cemetary in sunny autumn. The old cemetary gives you a feeling of calmness and together with a sunny autumn day you feel relaxed.

The old Saint Marx cemetery in the city is nowadays changed into a park. There are only old graves, and nothing new. The autumn colours gave such a really beautiful tone to that place, that it wasn’t even that scary as old cemeteries usually are. 

This tombstone of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is in St.Marx cemetery. Surprisingly, it looks very simple. I thought that the tombstone of such a famous person would be big with many statues and flowers. It´s not very decorated but I think it´s nice. 

This photo is from the cemetary in the harbour. It is very sad, that these people died and there is nothing written on their grave, or there is written „nameless“. Like, they have lived, there was probably something left after them. Can you imagine you will die, and no one will know it´s you? 

Also, we went to Schönbrunn, the famous Viennese castle, where we had many opportunities to show people how autumn in Vienna really is. We took some pictures which capture the autumn atmosphere. A place like Schönbrunn is perfect to show this season, because there is not only a perfectly preserved nature, but also many more things that remind our readers of how beautiful this time can be.

There are friendly squirrels,

 happy ducks...

 and really beautiful places:

Just look at this gorgeous alley!

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