Monday, 28 October 2013

Autumn in Vienna- The fashion, Sturm and Maroni!

Today we want to show you some things which are typical for the viennese autumn!

In autumn the Viennese take to the hills (where the wine grows) to taste the freshly fermented grape juice called Sturm “storm” - we know it as Burčák. And the effects are quite stormy – it gives you wind on top of a killer headache the next day.
"Sturm white+ red have arrived!"

Another phenomenon you will see very often are the Maroni.- As soon as the ice cream parlors close and their owners go back to Italy, the Maroni booths appear!
The Maroni stands are on the sidewalks, where not only Maroni (eatable chestnuts) are sold, but also roast potatoes and wedges. The “Maronis” are very tasty and almost everybody likes, eats and buys them.

We also went out to the streets of Vienna to find out what the city wears this year. 
I think it looks quite simple and not overdone...
Scarfs, sweaters, cardigans, jumpers, hats, tights, gloves, and boots – the fall fashion is so colourful! 

We can’t forget about our dogs- they have to stay warm, too!

 We hope that you liked today's post. :) 
See you around!

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