Monday, 7 October 2013

Post Election Introspection

Recently we had elections in Austria, weeks before the elections, every party tried to convince as many people as possible of their political ideas. As a result there where many billboards, posters and the followers which had to hand out advertising lighters, condoms, magazines, pens, USB-sticks and much more.
So we are once again supplied and just hope that they will be so generous again next year.
However, there are four main parties, the candidates were Eva Glawischnig, who’s my favorite, she belongs to “The green party”, then there is Mr. H.C Strach who’s really the disputed one, he is a rightist, it’s like either you “love” him or you “hate” him. I´d rather not say what’s my opinion to that politician, I don’t really like him. I just don’t understand why the FPÖ- voters just adore him as much as they do, they wear sweatshirts with his name on it… is that normal? Do people in your country do that too?

“Foringers take away our education
               Thaths suckle “

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  1. Very nice blog! I live in Vienna too, and it's nice to see the point of view of the young inhibitants! :)