Monday, 2 May 2016

Zentralfriedhof - One of the largest cemeteries in the World

On a rainy spring day, our CzechAut Team visited Vienna´s best-known cemetery.
It was established in 1863. Currently, there are around 300.000 graves on an area of 2.5 km2.
Vienna is a city of music and that is the reason why personalities like Ludwig van
Beethoven, Franz Schubert or Falco are buried here. Because of the size of the cemetery, which features 80 km of roads and paths, you can use a public cemetery bus which has several stops.
Zentralfriedhof also has 3 main entrances and 3 funeral halls.

Zentralfriedhof in numbers:
Area 2.5 km2
Number of graves: 300.000
3.000.000 deceased
4.000 graves cleared per year  
3 funeral halls
80 km of roads and paths

Memorial of those, who donated their body to the science

This is the memorial of dead people who donated their bodies to the science. The atmosphere there was frightening but also peaceful. In a way it was an interesting experience for us.

As we were thinking about donating a body to the science, we came to a few resolutions. Our opinions were quite different from each other. David thinks that donating your body to science is a good idea, while Alina thinks that the body should be buried properly.
 If you are curious you can read more about donating the body to the science at:

Der Park der Ruhe und Kraft - the Park of peace and energy 

1.     Section
Symbol: circle
Element: earth
Energy: re- creation

2.     Section
Symbol: labyrinth
Element: air
Energy: healing

3.     Section

Symbol: square
Element: water
Energy: collecting

4.     Section
Symbol: circle
Element: earth
Energy: change

5.    Section

Symbol: triangle
Element: fire
Energy: development

6.   Section

Symbol: Battle Axe
Energy: change


With our blog crew we also visited this park, which is located in the central cemetery in Vienna. This place should fill us with energy and inner strength. At the beginning, we didn’t believe that it works, but as soon as we got out of there, we felt relaxed and kind of peaceful. We didn’t even notice how bad the weather was at that day. If you want to escape from the sad atmosphere that cemetery radiates, you should definitely visit this place. Down below you can see some pictures we made there. 

 This cemetary is so enormous  it even has a bus line with 20 stops taking those of us for whom walking is a burden to the resting places of the dearly departed.
To add education to gravitas you can visit the cemetary´s own funeral museum. Its exhibits take you through centuries of buryial rites and instruments, like this one here. What is it you ask? A heart-stabbing dagger of course! A reminder of the mass hysteria of the 19th century when people feared nothing more than being buried alive.


The ”Waldfriedhof” of the central cemetery is an almost natural forest besides the fact that every tree grows on the ashes of our deceased loved ones. The park symbolizes the circle of life and it seems to be the alternative to coffins and gravestone and gives some people the feeling that even after their death there is something growing beyond them.


But don´t worry about not finding the tree of your loved one, there are memorial trees at the south-east entrance. 

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