Monday, 18 April 2016

Your TOP 5 Spring Destinations

Are you waiting until summer to pack your bags and take some vacation ?
In every season and in very month there is a lot to see and do around the world.
Our CzechAut team has prepared a quick list with some fabulous tips for your spring trip.

1 Zagreb, Croatia
Spring months are the best time to visit the Croatian coast and islands.
In Zagreb, we recommend renting a bike and going for a ride around the city or go hiking while enjoying the nature and the fresh air.
An advantage is that at this time the hotel facilities are not yet so busy.

2 Sevilla, Spain
The atmosphere in Sevilla during spring months is very special. In April the fiesta season starts, which means parties, local folklore and colourful parades. Live music is never missing. If you want to experience this magical city, do it in spring!

3 Copenhagen, Denmark
Are you ready for days filled with fun, sunrays and surprises? The capital of Denmark is the home of the oldest amusement park for thrill seekers.
Fashion lovers can visit the Copenhagen Spring Fashion Shows or explore the city by boat. Especially in May is this city full of life because it is the time of various celebrations.

4 Budapest, Hungary
This city has its charm and not only in spring. A pleasant climate will follow you while exploring the history of Budapest. You can relax in one of the thermal baths and later enjoy your drink in a rooftop bar. Don’t forget to try some traditional Hungarian food and true food lovers should not miss the Gourmet Festival.

 5 Lisbon, Portugal
If you want a mix of ancient and modern, Lisbon might me the perfect choice.
The must-see sights are definitely the Lisbon Ocenarium, which is one of the largest in the world and the Belem Tower, a symbol of the age of discovery.

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