Monday, 8 February 2016

The origin of the Czech people in Vienna

Hey guys!
Have you ever heard the expression „Ziegelbehm“ before? No? Because it’s actually a big part of the Austrian history.
In the late 19th century Vienna needed people to work on the Ringstraße boulevard and most of those people came from the Czech Republic. They were quite important for the Austrian economy because they helped to build a big part of the magnificent buildings you can now admire all over Vienna. But those people had to live quite a rough life, which was mostly caused by the conditions they had to live under (there were often too many people living in houses not even having toilets or anything close to a bathroom).
They were discriminated by people and assimilated really quickly even though 
400 000 out of the 1,6 million Viennese inhabitants were Czechs.

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