Monday, 18 January 2016

Czech last names in Austria

        Austria is one of the most multicultural countries in the world. About 20% of the Austrian population is of immigrant origin. Mostly newcomers are from Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia or the Czech Republic.
       Some Austrians, particularly near Vienna, still have rellatives in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, or Hungary.
       These immigrants brought their family name with them. After many years or centuries these new residents changed the structure of their names or even created new last names. The German dictionary has no hacek or comma above a letter. Like for example Ě, Č, Ř, Ž, Ý, Í, Š. And this is probably the main reason why those names were a little bit adapted. 
         You can find some Czech names in the list below.

Here are some examples:

German                                              Czech

Kratky                                                      Krátký

Sykora                                                      Sýkora

Suchanek                                                 Suchánek

Nowak                                                       Novák

Nowottny                                                  Novotný

Schimansky                                              Šimanský

Hanowsky                                                 Hanovský

Hlavaczek                                                  Hlaváček

Horejsi                                                       Hořejší

Vlcek                                                           Vlček

Cizek                                                           Čížek

…There are many more last names like these. And there is a big percentage of those that don´t even know they have a foreign origin.

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