Thursday, 13 November 2014


  Due to the fact, that the only cultural experience I had in the past couple of weeks, was the LET'S CEE FESTIVAL in Vienna, I decided to write about it.

At the beginning of the post I should explain, what this festival actually was. The Let's Cee consists of 91 short films from the Central- and East Europe. These films are shown in their original language with German or English subtitles. Regrettably we haven't seen all of them, but the three that we have were really good indeed.

Why do I actually write about it on the Czech-out blog? I am not sure, whether it was only on the day, when we attended the cinema, but the lineup of the films has begun with a conversation with three immigrants in Austria. At the moment, of their speech, it was the first time I have thought about my position in this society. Altough the life stories of these speakers were bit different that mine, I have found a couple of connections between them. They were speaking about, how they came to Vienna and what was the hardest time for them. The most notable idea that was stacked my mind was: “If you want to be considered as equal by the society, you have to be able to at least speak their language fluently.” If you think about it and connect the idea with the daily life, you can see it's really true. Probably some of you are immigrants and have fought against prejudice as well. I am well alike one of them. However I personally disapprove of the idea of this motto, it doesn´t make your feelings any better. I'm in the foreign country the second year and I can personally say, what it is about. I should also note that my language skills are not up to native speaker's proficiency, however I try always to improve them all the time. On the other hand, I want to say, that the people in Austria, Vienna especially are thoughtful and considering. It's just better, when you don't have to consider yourself as inferior.

I am aware, I have had to write about the festival in general, but at this point this idea became the one for me that I will remember for the rest of my life. Mostly due to the fact that it resembles my life as well as many of yours.

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