Monday, 5 May 2014

Get lost in the viennese bermuda triangle

Schwedenplatz is a place in the centre of Vienna, where you find a lot of clubs and bars. The other name of the place is “Bermuda Triangle”. It’s right next to U4 Schwedenplatz – you can’t miss it! Every weekend it’s full of young people, so if you’re in doubt and don’t know where to go, you can always try the Bermuda Triangle. There’s loads of small and even smaller clubs, so here are some tips where we recommend to go and what you can find there!

Very small Bars where you can get drunk cheap.

Blue Bar, Funky Monkey
It’s self service, so if you want to buy something you have to fight your way to the bar, or you should come earlier. During Happy Hour the drinks cost 1-4 € (coctails, shots)
After a few weekends you have spent there it starts to be really boring, same people, same music everywhere you go, same strange men who try hook up with you, its really nothing I would recommend. Sometimes but I wouldn’t overdo it. When I am there I feel like everybody goes out just to find a partner or someone with who he can sleep with…..
So , if you are older and youre looking for serious bars/clubs I wouldn’t go to Schwedenplatz.

Clubs where you can dance

Excess, Gnadenlos, Fragezeichen
Considering the fact they’re there I would say that they’re quite big. The music here is really mainstream (what is commonly known as eurotrash). I wouldn’t buy more than one drink there, you will be bleeding money.

Bars where you can actually talk to the person next to you

It’s a place, in which you can play billiards, darts, etc. The prices are ok, so if you want an enjoyable evening with a group of friends, KÖ is a good option.

Love it or hate it- What´s your Schwedenplatz- reaction?

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