Monday, 27 January 2014

Look what we found on Youtube #trashflash #questionabletalents

It's time for some funny videos - this time from Slovak and Czech “talents” – enjoy!

- Dominika Myslivcova is a girl from Czech Republic. The opinions about her are rather varied. She is a self-proclaimed Czech “Barbie Girl”. She became “famous” because she started writing a blog about herself. You can check it out here.
This is one of my favourite videos of hers: she explains how can you paint your boobs so they appear to be bigger
I just had a laughing fit… I really recommend this video if you are  looking for something funny … czech it aut !!

One more Prague girl: Nicky - Rich Boy
I hope you will understand what she is singing
I’ve heard that she’s just an actor but anyway, it’s just so funny!
Here another video by her is 'help for Petr Necas'
Mark Christensen is an American who lives in Slovakia. He is an English teacher at a Gymnasium (grammar school) in Myjava and he wrote a Song (with unusual lyrics) for his students. It´s very funny and nearly all Slovak youths know him. You can listen to it here.
This is a Valentin´s day song by Mark Christensen in both languages
One of the greatest Czech funny video makers are two men, they are called Viral brothers, and you can find them on YouTube. They make videos about stupid things people say, but also they make parodies of other famous videos. They are really witty.
They also have English subtitles in their videos, so even if you don’t speak Czech, you will understand.
I definitely recommend you to watch some of their videos. You will laugh your butt off!
Some of our favs are 'Sh*t mothers say' and 'Shit moms don't say'.

Write us what you think about them!  J

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