Monday, 16 December 2013

Street art in Vienna – Part II.

Second part of our little urban adventure.
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“Puber came into the city „

Who is Puber? No one knows! What Vienna knows is, that he wrote his name everywhere within two weeks, and that he has made many enemies. He not only wrote his name on empty walls, but also on the wall of a Kindergarten where kids had made a mural (this caused a little war between him and Thomas Blimlinger, see here) and on a beautiful piece of street artist ROA. His aim is, and now I’m quoting him, to ‘see mine name everywhere’.  (He gave an interview to a Swiss magazine, which you can read here)
He could be compared to Taki 182 or Darryl McCray aka Cornbread – both were known for spraying their nicknames all around the streets and were mimicked by hundreds. Though nobody is really impressed by Puber’s work and we’re all happy, that he left the city.

Vienna wall (Wiener Wand)

Within the project ‚Vienna wall’ new legal surfaces for young talented sprayers are provided in Vienna. The legal surfaces are marked with a Viennese pigeon. The map of surfaces you can find on: 

Must-see graffiti in Vienna

If you plan to visit Vienna, you should not miss visiting the street art.
There are some beautiful pieces which you should see.
For instance a piece from ROA which you can find in Schadekgasse in the 6th district.
Some interesting and impressive pieces are also in the vicinity of Urania (Schwedenplatz).
I hope you will like it as much as I do!


ROA is an artist from Belgium who travels all around the America and Europe. He paints mostly wild animals such as foxes and rats in black and white like the piece above at Spittelau.

Manuel Murel and incredible Street Art at Donaukanal

If I have to be honest, I have to say that I have never seen anything like this before. In the frame of our project we went to Donaukanal to take some pictures, but I didn’t expect this. It definitely changed all my experience with street art (I had)…If you get the opportunity to see this beautiful city, which Vienna absolutely is, and among other things, you are also interested in street art or you're just amazed by all these things generally called art, you have to go to Donaukanal. So much space to show people this kind of art, which has benn neglected in my opinion.
One of the things that amazed me the most were these two walls done side by side by Manuel Murel. This Australian and French  street artist was born in 1982 and he lives in Vienna. He calls himself an experimental painter, really talented guy. You can find out more aouthis work on  or on his Facebook page.
And in the end a video I recorded on this trip.  There are also some pictures in it.

See you soon guys!


  1. This Puber (more,like pre-Puber if his behavior is any indicator) literally tagged every door and bus stop in my neighborhood and I see his tags everywhere I go. Hard to believe he could have done all this alone in two weeks. Get a LIFE! (or buy one)

  2. Puber, are you serious? I'm sorry, but I don't really see why you did what we now can nearly see on every step outside. We can consider ourselves „lucky“ and „honoured“.
    To be honest, I have never been a big fan of street art and grafitti, but sometimes there is a piece of art that I would call nice. But spraying his own name or a kind of non-sense-pseudonym, over it? No way. Especially not over children's work. At least the local politician, where the kindergarden is and where Puber left his art behind, reacted to it, saying, that it was really disrespectful toward the kids and it was the pits.
    As I read the interview with Puber, I was fascinated, and not in a good way, how this "Puber"-person sees the world and everything. He claims that everybody in New York and Paris does this kind of spraying, that it's some kind of "Anti-style". And that's the reason, why he imitates this very "creative" art.
    I'm sorry, but in my opinion his behaviour is simply childish. His dream is to be popular? Then why doesn't he do, or even just tries to do, something special, which he could be later admired for?
    And what is "Puber" supposed to mean? A short version for puberty? Because that's how this whole story sounds to me ...