Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Some sites that really capture that Vienna vibe

I love animated gifs, specially when they are spot on like the ones on:

When you really live in Wien on tumblr

It´s kinda like "How to act if you don´t wanna be spotted as a tourist".

The opposite of the previous link is a franchise of the ever so popular 1000 things Not to do in.. pages.
SO true! You are invited to add to the list and the makers of the group will turn your thoughts into animated GIFs -n.i.c.e.!

1000things NOT to do in vienna

Time travel works! Check out:
Vintage Vienna

It´s amazing to see how this city has changed. (and how grey it used to be back in the days). I love finding
those spots in the present time. Back then you have to imagine them with cars all over and the air smelling of coal and exhaust fumes. I also love the little details like that you obviously could smoke everywhere or how they always dressed up kids like little grown-ups.

Excellent street photographers in Vienna are all in..

The Vienna Pool on flickr

We'll soon have more on cycling in the city but for now: here is one group of gentlemen and ladies that rides in style, très chic!


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